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As is the case in any other construction project, everything begins with a good base.  Roadway and parking lot curbs are no exception.  Proper excavation plays a crucial role in facilitating your Phoenix Curb Machines ability to do its job properly.  Here are a few things to keep in mind while reviewing a project prior to start:

    Ingress/Egress - Will there be any issues getting your cement trucks in and out of the site?

    Compaction - Is the base highly compacted?  What is the material?  If the cement truck is leaving ruts in its wake,     the curb machine will likely bounce all over the place.  Be sure the excavator has left a good, clean even surface for     both the curb and the curb machine.


    Elevation - Grade should be within +/- 1/10th.  The more accurate the grade, the less money you will spend on     concrete.  Although our machines are highly versatile, the best operating range will be as stated above. A good     excavator will not have any problem hitting this grade range and most engineering specs require it at the very     least.

    Obstacles - pay attention to such things as man-hole covers, H2O vaults, electrical vaults, sidewalk cuts etc. These

    are not necessarily obvious and will definitely require a little finesse to get around or over.

    Moisture Level of the Soil - Dry sub-grade or topping will draw the moisture right out of the concrete as it is

    poured. Too much moisture will cause the curb to become unstable and sag or move in place, regardless of slump.