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Why Phoenix Curb Machines?

We have been innovators in the curbing industry for many years and feel that we are truly the best at what we do. Our machines fill a void in an industry that has stopped innovating and stopped moving forward. Phoenix Curb Machines represents the future of slipform curbing and curbing technology with its lineup of PCM Machines.  

Why buy a Phoenix Curb Machine?

Set up and be ready to pour in under 30 minutes

Cleanup and load in under 30 minutes

Small footprint, large results

iTerra state-of-the-art digital controller

Under 10,000lbs/easy transport

Ultra-efficient Kohler diesel power plant

Outstanding customer service

Made in America

We are your partners to success

Where are Phoenix Curb Machines made?

Phoenix Curb Machines are manufactured in Estacada, Oregon.

How can I purchase a Phoenix Curb Machine?

Simple. Call our sales department at 971.258.2589 to discuss your actual needs.  This will help determine which machine will be the best fit for your company. A 50% deposit will be required to start the process with the balance payable at the time of shipping. Be prepared to provide specifications for the mold that you will need built. Every PCM Curber comes with (1) custom mold included.

How do I know what mold(s) I will need?

This information should be provided to you by one of the following:

o Managing general contractor

o Architect of record

o Civil Engineer of record

o Governing municipality engineering department

What is the lead time on a new PCM Curber?

Typically, 6 – 8 weeks

What is the lead time on additional custom molds?

Typically, 4 – 6 weeks

Will it take a long time to learn how to use a PCM Curber?

No. It really only takes a few days to gain a firm understanding of how our machines work. A dedicated operator that understands the capabilities of the machine is key to your job success. Just as important is the need for a complete understanding of concrete, concrete mix, slump and add-mix. These items combined have a significant impact on the quality of the end product.

How can I get trained to be a PCM operator?

Phoenix Curb Machines offer two days of hands on training at our Estacada facility for free. On-site training at your facility is available and priced according to your company’s specific needs.

What should a typical concrete mix look like?

50% - 50% mixture of 3/4” stone and sand

6-sack cement mix

6% air entrainment (on site)

1” – 2.5” slump

Typically, a taller profile will require a “stiffer” mix in order to stand up. Lower profiles will benefit from a higher slump or “wetter” mixture.  This is merely a suggested starting point. Differences in sand/stone shape and composition, site fill material/moisture content will all affect your pouring outcome and will require some adjustments to air entrainment, slump and/or admix.

Will the concrete be finished when it comes out of the mold?

Probably not…but close. Just as important as the operator, finishers that know how and when to work with slipformed concrete are key to any successful pour.

I am not happy with the way my curbs are turning out, will you buy back my machine?

No.  Our machines work…and work very well, but they are not a magic bullet. If you are not 100% dedicated to the understanding and implementation of the slipforming process, do not buy one of our machines. We would prefer to be your partner in success rather than failure.